Monday, July 3, 2017

Why the Hillvital balms are working?

So far, we have talked about the composition of our balms, the quality of the ingredients, and how many herbs they contain. 
Of course, a functional formula and a high quality product are essential if you want results, but there is something that can greatly affect the effectiveness of our balms and can literally be a water separator during one - one treatment!

What is this certain thing?

The answer: It does matter how do you use the balm.
It's not just a cream, it's not a body lotion or a mask that we put on and it's done.
Recently we are often told that: this is a herbal course, a therapy, an essential oil course.
To achieve the best results, with the HillVital's ancient herbs, here and now we take over the Hillvital balsam's proper usage:

- Always use it on clean skin! Hygiene above all else. No other words needed. The best after bath. Use it at least twice a day! It's worth to use in the morning and at the evening, however the feedback says people who have the best results, have use it for many times a day.

- Do not spare the balm! Obviously your goal is not to use up all of your herbal balm in a few days, but it's important to get plenty of it on the problematic area for the best results!

- Massage until your skin is dry! It is important to not only just put on, but also to massage your body with strong, strong muscles. If you do not do this, you will not only have a weaker effect, but half of the balm will be on your clothes! You know that you are done because you can’t see the balm on your skin.

- Be patient! We are different people with different physical conditions and problems! That is why somebody can reach results in days, while others only after 5 months! Do not give up!

- Do not use on open wounds! It is very important to not use the balm on open wounds! Because you would massage in with bare hand, there is a risk of infection. Otherwise the balm may holdback the natural regeneration of tissues.

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