Thursday, June 22, 2017

Learn the hot pepper 10 properties

Hot pepper

1.Relieves the sore throat: It dilutes the dense mucus in the paranasal sinuses, it does well to the clogged nose. Take a pinch of hot pepper seed and twist it with half a decilitre of lukewarm water. Leave it for 20 minutes then sweeten it with a little honey. Slowly sip for the better effect.

2.Relieves the cold: It contains expectorant substances. Arriving to the stomach it excites it's 
mucus, where in a nerve way a signa arrives to the gland of lungs which because of this effect begins to fluid separation so the stagnant mucus in the bronchial dilutes so its breaks up easier.

3. Handles the tendinitis: sprinkle some hot pepper dust onto your toothbrush then gently brush your teeth

4. Heals the groin pain: Place some hot pepper tincture onto the problematic area. Add to the tincture 20 peppers which is finely cut then put it into a 2 decilitre jar which 50- degree alcohol was preaviously poured.

5. Stimulating the circulation of blood: At regular use it strengthens the heart, the arteries and the nerves.

6. Fixes the wrong peripheral circulation of blood: Seal the jar and leave it for 10 days then filter.

7. Helps to lose weight: After consumption of hot peppers the heat you feel is coming from burning calories.

8. Prevents stomach ulcer: It's a worldwide false belief it causes stomach ulcer. Researches have proven the hot pepper is able to destroy the bacterias what causing ulcer in addition, it stimulates the stomach mucus cells, which play a role in preventing the development of ulceration.

9. It's reducing the inconveniences caused by psoriasis: Medical examinations involving people with psoriasis revealed that the hot pepper significantly relieved the symptoms of the disease.

10. Prevents the hair loss:Add one teaspoon of hot pepper tincture to 1 dl of water, and then spray the scalp twice a week. If you want to achieve a better effect, add birch and nettle tincture.


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