Friday, June 30, 2017

Eat turmeric

You wouldn't even think how good it is for your body.

The turmeric strengthens the gallbladder and helps prevent the gallstones. Besides it's great diuretic effect it also has an antioxidant effect.

However, we should not overdo it (especially as a pregnant mom) because it can cause reflux and drop off the blood sugar level.

In small amounts (1 teaspoon) can be consumed daily in powder and grated form. You can make a paste if you mix it with coconut oil, cinnamon and black pepper. This can help absorb the nutrients of the turmeric and get them into the bloodstream. It can also be used in teas, flavored with lemon or also can be used in smoothies and turmixes. 

It has a great energizing effect. You can flavour meats with it but also can be used in the morning oatmeal.


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